Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

There are two key elements in planning for receipt of retirement benefits. The first is to structure benefits to conform with your lifetime retirement goals. The second is to select contingent beneficiaries with an eye towards balancing three often competing objectives: providing sufficient income to a surviving spouse, minimizing estate and inheritance taxes, and deferring income taxes for the longest period possible.

As part of our estate planning advice, we work closely with clients on structuring receipt of retirement benefits and related tax planning to develop a plan that best accommodates that client's individual goals and circumstances.

Small Business Planning

At Ansell & Anderson, we recognize that owning and operating a small business is hectic and hard work. We work with corporate attorneys and accountants to coordinate an estate plan for the business owner with the continuation of a small business. Our business and tax planning services include review of organizational documents and agreements to provide for a smooth transition in the ownership of a business.

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