Going the Extra Mile

Attorney Christine S. Anderson

September 2015

With any task, if you make the extra effort to do a really superb job, it will be worth it. One way in which you can go the extra mile with respect to your estate planning is to provide your loved ones with a detailed road map of your intentions with respect to topics that are not covered by the basic estate planning documents. Many of us have powers of attorney, wills and trusts in place. Not many of us have gone to the trouble of explaining in writing our intentions with respect to our final arrangements, or how to access our life on-line in the event of our death or incapacity. Imagine how honored your loved ones will feel when they find out that you had the forethought to leave them a list of all of your accounts, or a list of how you would like your furniture and jewelry to be distributed following your death. Unless you write it down, your loved ones may never know the genealogy that you researched, your bucket list or the history of family traditions. Thankfully, Barbara Bates Sedoric has come up with a tremendously useful guide to help organize information that your loved ones will need and want in the event of your death. For more information, check out Barb's website: www.Lastingmatters.com.